Fair Saturday Awards

Edinburgh International Festival

For the spirit forged in 1947, after World War II, betting on culture as a key transformational driver. For the promotion of Edinburgh as an annual meeting point for people from all nations, triggering a global mobilisation in favour of arts and culture during its 70 editions. An international benchmark that has not lost its nature and its Scottish roots over the years

Yehudi Menuhin Foundation

For its pioneer work in the social and cultural inclusion of children, conceiving art as an essential vehicle towards social cohesion, empathy, tolerance and the defence of the rights of cultural minorities. Following at all times the legacy of its founder, Yehudi Menuhin “it is because of the fighting against injustice that I have experienced through life that I create a Foundation that will carry my name

Fundación Nacional Batuta

For its labour in the generation of meeting points for coexistence and reconciliation through culture and education, as the main drivers of social change. For transforming the lives of thousands of children through music. And for using music as a bastion in the reconciliation and construction of a promising future for Colombia

La Tarumba

For its constant labour in training and education in the first professional school of Circus in Peru and for its inclusive bet on young people at risk of exclusion, proving that culture is crucial in the development of inclusive and democratic processes of society.

M. Antonio Garrigues Walker

For its continuous labour all throughout his carrier in the support of culture, specially in the field of theatre; stating that culture is the only solution to dignify democracy, to generate an authentic wealth and to seek a humane future. And for its inspiring capacity and personal involvement in humanistic initiatives. Additionally, this award aims to publicly recognise his support to Fair Saturday, an idea that seemed impossible since it was born and for the generosity shown over time, being part of its growth and offering continuous support

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