Yesterday was a very special day for St Andrew’s Fair Saturday and the global celebration of Fair Saturday. And what better way to celebrate it than inaugurating our blog with this exciting new.

St Andrew’s Fair Saturday was officially launched yesterday in an event hosted by BEMIS Scotland and the Scottish Government, dear partners of Fair Saturday in the delivery of the movement in Scotland, at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Dr Alasdair Allan, Minister of International Development and Europe at the Scottish Government affirmed that “I am pleased that this year, for the first time, Scotland is joining the global Fair Saturday movement. I am proud that we will be the first country in the EU outside of Spain to host the celebrations nationally“.

Indeed, St Andrew’s Fair Saturday will take place for the very first time next December 1st all across the country. The movement aims to positively respond to consumerism by delivering a festival of arts and culture based on the open participation of artists, cultural organisations and events from any city, village, town or community in Scotland. All of the events taking place collaborate with charities that the artists choose and also support the wider celebration of St Andrew’s Day. Proving this way that we can think and act in a different way.

After the Minister’s words, Jordi Albareda added that “we find ourselves in one of the best countries to launch Fair Saturday and from this year on, Scotland will be one of the countries to lead Fair Saturday worldwide”. In fact, many organisations from different places of Scotland are already on board before launching this year’s call for artists: Historic Environment Scotland, the Biscuit Factory, the Scottish Storytelling Centre, Live Music Now Scotland, Unity Enterprise and the Spoon Café, the Scottish Poetry Library, the University of Glasgow, the Consort of Voices

And most specially, BEMIS Scotland will also be an important part of the first edition of St Andrew’s Fair Saturday with the multicultural celebrations of the Winter Festivals. Rami Ousta, CEO of BEMIS added that ” we are delighted to collaborate with the Fair Saturday Foundation in the inaugural St. Andrews Fair Saturday Festival. Celebrating the cultural characteristics inherent within Scotland’s diverse communities allows us to pro-actively participate in a Scottish cultural scene that is vibrant, dynamic and responsive to all of Scotland’s people. We look forward to developing this collaborative work in the months ahead and encourage all of our community colleagues and stakeholders to become involved“.

This marks the start of a beautiful adventure and from today on we are calling out to artists, events, venues and communities from all across Scotland to join St Andrew’s Fair Saturday. Be inspired to take part.


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BEMIS multi-cultural celebration of the Winter Festivals mini grant programme

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