St Andrew’s Fair Saturday FAQ

What is St Andrew’s Fair Saturday?

St Andrew’s Fair Saturday is Scotland’s contribution to Fair Saturday, a global cultural movement with a positive cultural impact that takes place the day following Black Friday. Its aim is to generate a massive mobilisation of people in favour of arts and culture, to highlight their essential role in the construction of a better future.

Artists and cultural organisations from all across Scotland join together in a global festival by organising their own events which support a social cause of their choice and the wider celebration of St Andrew’s Day.

Does Fair Saturday/St Andrew’s Fair Saturday oppose Black Friday?

No. Fair Saturday/ St Andrew’s Fair Saturday is not against anything. It aims to respond to Black Friday in a positive way by prioritising culture and social empathy towards the most vulnerable in our society, providing an opportunity “to be” rather than “to have”.

Fair Saturday is an idea to place culture at the centre. To recognise the value of cultural and social organisations. To feel. To reflect. And to act for the common good. Not just today, but also hopefully the rest of the year.

How successful is Fair Saturday?

Fair Saturday has been a great success, growing year on year. In 2019 Fair Saturday delivered +800 events in 140 cities, involving 15,000 artists, attracting 250,000 attendances supporting social causes.

How is Fair Saturday funded?

Fair Saturday is a not-for-profit organisation registered in 2015. The Foundation’s income streams are mainly:

  • Partnerships with cities and regional authorities that wish to deliver the project in their territory
  • Brands that believe in the project and wish to be part of it
  • Public or private grants from organisations whose goals are similar to the ones of Fair Saturday

When is St Andrew’s Fair Saturday?

The exact date changes from year to year. In 2020 St Andrew’s Fair Saturday will be celebrated from Saturday 28th November (Fair Saturday) to Monday 30th November (St Andrew’s Day). Events will take place (mainly online) throughout this weekend.

Where does Fair Saturday take place?

Fair Saturday is an open movement which means that it can take place in any city or region of the world. Each edition has official cities and regions that lead the project globally and wish to offer their communities a different day, in which culture and social empathy take the leading role. In the last edition, events were held in more than 140 cities. The official territories for 2020 are Bilbao, Biscay, Lisbon and Scotland.

St Andrew’s Fair Saturday is a nationwide celebration, with events and participants from all across Scotland. This year, Fair Saturday and St Andrew’s Fair Saturday will take place mainly virtually through the Events app.

To date, Fair Saturday has officially taken place in:

  • Scotland
  • Bilbao
  • Bristol
  • Málaga
  • Milano
  • Santander
  • Huelva
  • Lima
  • Mesagne
  • Pisa
  • Cardiff
  • Leeuwarden
  • Helsinki
  • Atlanta
  • Quincy
  • Lisbon
  • Massachusetts

What does it mean to be an official city/ region?

An official city/region promotes the organisation of the festival through its public institutions. Fair Saturday is in charge of developing the project throughout the year to ensure it is successful in the city/region and triggering each year a strong mobilisation in favour of arts, culture and social projects. Likewise, the city/region will be part of the international network of official cities and regions of Fair Saturday.

For more information, please click here.

Is St Andrew’s Fair Saturday a city only approach?

St Andrew’s Fair Saturday welcomes contributing events from across Scotland. Cities, towns, villages, islands and communities in every area of Scotland are very warmly invited to take part and we would love to see every region of the country participating.

Can I organise an event in my city even though it is not an official city of the festival?

Yes. Events for St Andrew’s Fair Saturday can take place anywhere in Scotland.

What kinds of artists and events can take part in St Andrew’s Fair Saturday?

St Andrew’s Fair Saturday is a participatory festival that is based on the open organisation of cultural activities of every kind. We welcome every artistic discipline, amateur or professional, from public or private organisations from anywhere in Scotland.

What is important here is to create. And to think that there are different ways of doing things. Cultural events that have taken part in the past include music, theatre, dance, performance, street art, visual arts, photography, literature, poetry, cinema, circus.

There is just one condition for taking part: to support a social cause. In Scotland, social causes must be charities registered with OSCR.

How can I participate as an artist or cultural organisation?

If you are an artist or a cultural organisation and you have a place to host an event or you have an artistic project and you have it all worked out, then you can either:

  • Organise a new event around St Andrew’s Fair Saturday or
  • Add to the festival’s programme the event you had planned for the day

If you have an idea but don’t know how to pull it off, you have a venue and you are looking for artists or you have a show but don’t know where to perform, email us and we will try to help you:

How does a St Andrew’s Fair Saturday event work?

St Andrew’s Fair Saturday events are organised by the artists or venues themselves. They can either be events specifically planned for St Andrew’s Fair Saturday, or you can dedicate an already planned event (such as a scheduled performance) to the celebration of St Andrew’s Fair Saturday.

The event will be published in the St Andrew’s Fair Saturday programme and globally in Fair Saturday’s programme through the website and mobile app weeks before the event. This way, it will be quite easy to share the event with everyone you want. What we ask is that you raise your voice for the cause you want to support.

During the event on St Andrew’s Fair Saturday day, you will need to allocate a few minutes for a representative of the social project to share their work with the audience. We ask that a representative of the charity you are supporting attends the event.

And lastly, we ask that part of the value generated by the event is dedicated to the social project. It is up to the artists to decide who to support and how.

Who is in charge of the production of the events?

The events that take part in St Andrew’s Fair Saturday are produced autonomously. The Fair Saturday team may be able to collaborate on the organisation of the event and we will give you support throughout the process.

How much does it cost to take part in St Andrew’s Fair Saturday and can I apply for grant funding from St Andrew’s Fair Saturday?

St Andrew’s Fair Saturday does not ask for a commission from the events that take part of the movement. We only ask for transparency in terms of the social project you are supporting.

We do not provide grant funding to create new events; instead, we provide a rallying call for events and activities to take part in a globally recognised brand. Significant marketing and PR activity will take place around St Andrew’s Fair Saturday.

Artists and cultural entities may decide to create new events on the occasion of St Andrew’s Fair Saturday, but no funding will be provided for that matter. Equally, you may choose to dedicate an existing or already planned activity to St Andrew’s Fair Saturday.

You are free to apply for grant funding or sponsorship elsewhere to help fund your event.

Where can I hold my event?

You can hold your show anywhere you want: a square, a theatre, a library, a shop, a school, a cafe or bar… You are free to choose where you want to participate.

We will try to help you look for the perfect place if we can. There are also online platforms you can use to look for suitable venues. Email us at for more information.

St Andrew’s Fair Saturday 2020 will be an online festival. You can either upload the event beforehand to our streaming platform to be shown over St Andrew’s Fair Saturday or you can stream it live over the weekend. Please email us to discuss how we can best show your event.

Must all the events be free to enter?

Not all of the events have to be free to enter- that is to be decided by the artists or cultural entities in charge of the organisation of the show. You can decide whether to sell tickets or not and fix the price.

Culture has a value. Even if the event is free, the audience will set a value to the show through a donation and the artists will make a donation to their charity (the artists define the quantity to be donated to the charity). Alternatively, the artists can ask the audience to make donations in kind e.g. to a food bank.

How can I sell tickets for my event?

  • Offline ticket sales. We will send you the official design for it
  • Online ticket sales. We have an online ticketing platform you will be able to use through our Events App:

You will be able to promote the ticket sales from our website and mobile app.

Can I look for sponsors for my event?

Yes, every artist and cultural entity participating is free to look for sponsors to fund their event. Fair Saturday/ St Andrew’s Fair Saturday will not be responsible for the agreements incurred with third parties.

What kind of visibility would the partners be granted?

This can be defined, but can include:

  • The posters and designs of the event
  • The webspace associated to the event, both on the website and the app
  • Mentions in posts made on social media related to the event

Can I organise an event if I am not an artist?

Of course! St Andrew’s Fair Saturday is an open movement. You can organise a show as an individual, a business, a charity… Artists are not the only ones to organise cultural events. Email us and we will help you:

Can I organise a St Andrew’s Fair Saturday event on another date?

St Andrew’s Fair Saturday will take place on St Andrew’s Day, and all events will take place on that day except for the opening event and the event closing the edition. Exceptions will be made in very particular situations.

In 2020 St Andrew’s Fair Saturday will take place (online) over the weekend from 28th-30th November.

When is the deadline to submit my event in St Andrew’s Fair Saturday?

This year’s deadline is still TBC. However, if you would like to get involved, the sooner you contact us the more support we can provide.

We may accept proposals after the deadline. However, proposals received after the deadline will not have the same promotion than those submitted before the deadline.

What PR tools does St Andrew’s Fair Saturday provide?

Fair Saturday and St Andrew’s Fair Saturday events receive considerable marketing and PR, locally,
nationally and internationally.

All of St Andrew’s Fair Saturday’s events will have:

  • A place on the international website to promote their show
  • A place in the international mobile app
  • Promotion through social media, blog and newsletter
  • Personalised designs and promotion materials for their show

Moreover, the complete programme will be promoted through social media, generic posters and publicity in media partners.

Which social causes can benefit from St Andrew’s Fair Saturday?

The artists and cultural entities participating are free to choose the charity they want to collaborate with. For St Andrew’s Fair Saturday, the charity or SCIO must be registered with OSCR.

How can I collaborate with a charity?

The collaboration with the social project may vary depending on the artists or organisation participating. Some examples of how to collaborate with social projects are:

      • % of the ticket sales
      • % of the artists’ fee
      • Allowing the charity to raise open donations from the public
      • Allowing the charity to sell merchandise during the event
      • Partnership with a private entity that will make a donation to the charity
      • Collection of goods for the charity
      • Auctions
      • Inviting the charity’s beneficiaries to a premium experience in the event

    The artists and cultural entities participating are not obliged to donate 100% of the proceeds, they decide the % to be donated. There is not a minimum to be donated.

    We know that 2020 has been a very difficult year for artists and cultural organisations and we want St Andrew’s Fair Saturday to be an opportunity for you to be able to work and support yourselves so this should be taken into account when looking at donations.

How can I participate as a Charity?

If you know or if you are part of a charity registered with OSCR, you can take part in any of the following ways:

  • You can be an official St Andrew’s Fair Saturday Charity and be chosen by an artist
  • You can look for artists and cultural entities in your city and invite them to participate in the festival with you
  • You can organise your own cultural event for St Andrew’s Fair Saturday. We will help you every step of the way. You can raise funds for your own cause or you can choose another charity to support.

You can find more information in the “Guide for Charities and Social Projects” [Coming soon]

How can I participate as a volunteer?

There is no national volunteering programme for St Andrew’s Fair Saturday however if people are interested in volunteering then we would love to hear from you.

If you are passionate about art in all of its forms, you find yourself dreaming of a better world and you have time to share with us, you can:

  • Join the St Andrew’s Fair Saturday team of volunteers and help us coordinate the events taking part
  • Collaborate in the creation of content for social media and help us share what we do
  • Help us spread the word and share the project with whomever you deem interesting (media, artists, businesses, etc.)

You can find more info on the “Guide for volunteers” or email us at if you have any ideas or need more information.

How can I use St Andrew’s Fair Saturday logo and branding?

If you are taking part in St Andrew’s Fair Saturday you will be able to use our logo when promoting your event. For more details on how to use the logo, please contact us at

We will also provide promotional materials (toolkit) for your event with the St Andrew’s Fair Saturday branding.