A participatory cultural movement with a social impact

A day devoted to arts and culture

St Andrew’s Fair Saturday is Scotland’s contribution to the global cultural movement of Fair Saturday. A festival based on the open and participatory organisation of cultural shows of all kind (concerts, exhibitions, dance shows, workshops…) each of which contribute to a social cause the artists choose.

Because they are essential for our future

The objective of St Andrew’s Fair Saturday is to boost arts, culture and social causes all across Scotland while contributing to the wider global celebration of Fair Saturday. That is why we need you (yes you!) to prove with us that arts and culture are now more needed than ever.

Save the date

Following Black Friday, thousands of artists and cultural entities from all over Scotland will get together to celebrate St Andrew’s Fair Saturday. Save the date! This year, St Andrew’s Fair Saturday will take place on Saturday December the 1st.

Let me show you

Supporting hundreds of social causes

Every artist and cultural organisation participating collaborates with the charity they choose, devoting part of the proceeds generated in their show. Proving that arts and culture can make a difference.

Open and participatory

Everyone can participate in St Andrew’s Fair Saturday: artists, cultural organisations, venues, private and public institutions and people who share our principles.

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